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Everything Everywhere All at Once Event Recap

Rainbow Cult's Screening of 'Everything Everywhere All at Once' at Meow Wolf Was a Triumph!

EEAAO!!! (Say it out loud in the voice of Cardi B). 

Last week, Rainbow Cult held its first-ever screening of the new cult classic, 'Everything, Everywhere, All at Once' at Meow Wolf Denver.

And it was EVERYTHING. 


All at Once.

I call this movie a new cult classic, because of the sheer absurdity of the plot overall, and the fact that there are so many memorable moments, including dildo fights, murder-by-confetti, fashion on fashion on fashion, buttplugs aplenty, a universe of nothing but rocks, and lesbian hot dog fingers. IYKYK. And if you don’t, rent this movie immediately!

'Everything Everywhere All at Once' is a big budget film and an Oscar winner, which is at odds with your typical cult classic. But a unique movie like this can’t help but garner a cult following. Also, if the butt plugs and lesbian hot dog fingers didn’t clue you in, it’s a super gay movie! 

This was our third sold-out immersive Rainbow Cult movie event at Meow Wolf, and I can only describe it as a triumph, both professionally and personally. Professionally, it was a triumph because this was our first time showing a new-ish movie that doesn't have a built-in following based on years of queer viewership. Personally, it was a triumph because I spoke publicly, for the first time ever!

As a Grand Unicorn of Rainbow Cult, this event was basically like my debutante ball, so I agreed to give a speech about the coming out process and my relationship with my mom. I even (ironically) wore white (my costume was based on bagel universe Jobu), and even though it took several layers of blackout fabric and a miracle from god herself to hide my VPL, both the outfit and the speech were well executed and well received. 

I’ve never spoken on a microphone in front of anyone, let alone two hundred people, in quasi drag, with a hair bagel on my head and my nipples on display. However this movie was particularly poignant for me, because it is about a Chinese mother’s acceptance of her queer daughter. My own mother was half-Chinese, and was a staunch supporter of me, my gay brother, and the LGBTQIA community at large throughout her life. After my friend was killed in the Pulse Massacre, she even wrote an article on titled : An Open Letter from a Mom of 2 Gay Sons. 

The benefiting charity this time around was PFLAG Denver, so I honored both my mother, and the charity by reading her words about being the parent of queer child children to the congregation. I was nervous at first, but my nerves melted away pretty fast once I realized that I was speaking in front of a Rainbow Cult Audience. Thus, I was speaking directly to my found family. It also helped that my gay brother was in the front row cheering me on, wearing red lipstick and a jellyfish around his neck!

Afterwards, a lot of people told me that they felt connected to my mom’s words, and were moved by my speech. I am infinitely grateful that my first public speaking attempt wasn't a dumpster fire full of burning everything-bagels. It was truly an empowering experience.

The show started at the front door with Bender, our greeter. He showed up in a black bodysuit with huge googly eyes on his buttcheeks, and lovingly harangued all the entrants by handing googly eyes. His utter ridiculousness definitely set the tone for the event when he asked the guests if they wanted their googly eyes in their hand, or their mouth. Shockingly, a lot of people chose mouth, Covid be damned.

Professor Andy shared a thoughtfully curated intellectual video breakdown about how queer the movie is and how important it is to our community to honor our allies, including the directors of the film. He has such a gentle ease with the audience, and is adept at explaining concepts in a relatable way, while also making everyone laugh. He is pretty easy on the eyes, too, if I do say so myself. If you don’t believe me, watch this video.

Our drag performers, the incomparable Vandy Sexton and Lulu Krystals enthralled the crowd with hilarious joint numbers, mimicking the characters of Evelyn and Deidre, from staged physical fights, to their hot-dog-fingered love affair and an alternate universe. Special shout outs for Vandy’s flexibility, and Lulu’s commitment to the character, even down to her saggy sock-and-pantyhose dumpster tits. Honestly those two things were worth the price of admission alone.

We also did an awesome giveaway, including two tickets to the Meow Wolf exhibit, a reiki session from Reiki with Holly, a meditation stone from BdotArtsy, a laser cut suncatcher from Shifted Lens, an acupuncture session from Boulder Dynamic Acupuncture, a signed print from Rainbow Cult Artist Phil Wray, and a silicon buttplug just for shingles (shits + giggles). I also want to thank our newest sponsors, Denver Divers, Rhein Haus, and Boulder Dynamic Acupuncture.

Special mention to Outfront Magazine for this awesome mention and photos

The movie itself doesn’t really require an explanation. It was a thrill ride of emotional highs and lows, with some really amazing projection additions by Meow Wolf projectionist Duke. Everyone laughed, cried, and learned something. A lot of people came up to me afterwards and shared how much the movie and experience meant to them. It's one of those movies that has something everyone can relate to, even if that something is an affinity for talking raccoons.

Our goal at Rainbow Cult is to bring the queer community together at meaningful, immersive events that celebrate our community through joyful defiance.

This event was all of that in a nutshell. 

In a word, it was a triumph. So thank you to everyone who attended.

And for those who didn’t, please join us on June 15th, at the historic Elitch Theatre for an all-day celebration of Too Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar. We will be throwing a drag festival during the day, and a movie screening at night.

And on July 22, we are showing Rocky Horror Picture Show at Meow Wolf! I don’t need to say much about that, except that tickets are already almost half-gone. So get yours now!



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