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Golden Girls Tribute Party Recap

This year, Rainbow Cult held its inaugural Golden Girls Tribute Party, a queer community event celebrating the iconic series.

PICTURE IT: South Broadway, last Thursday. Rainbow Cult hosted it's first-ever tribute party honoring The Golden Girls, at Grandma's House. The party benefited queer elderly through the West of 50 program at The Center on Colfax. It was a ton of fun and a huge success! Almost as huge as Dorothy's inseam, or Blanche's little black book.

So, from the thirsty bottom of our geriatric hearts, we want to thank everyone for showing up, showing out, supporting the charity, and remembering to wear their dentures!

Our goal was to sell100 tickets, and we ended up breaking 150 at the door. This was our first event to feature a full vendor market, and we had 16 amazing, eclectic vendors that brought a strong community vibe to the party.

DJ Markie Arendelle curated the vibe perfectly, and not only kept the pace going all night, but even stepped out from behind the DJ booth to serenade the crowd with a live 80s inspired saxophone solo! Check out their music HERE.

Our showrunner, America Jackson was a perfect spring Rose, who managed to keep the audience engaged, while also hosting giveaways, bingo and trivia. She had the room in stitches, running around the room like a silver sneaker-streaker, with her rendition of 'Hello', by Adele.

Zarah Misdemeanor gagged the audience with bone-breaking death drops and splits as Sophia. It's a good thing she's young and beautiful or she might need a boniva transplant for chronic osteoporosis after all that. My joints ache just writing about it.

Gila Moonstar killed it with a live singing performance as the acerbic Dorothy Zbornak and channeled her energy perfectly, while Selene Arca tantalized the room as a burlesque version of Blanche, with live singing, and a stunning reveal at the end that is too racy to show here.

Our awesome photographer Tye Reddick captured all the most memorable moments. He has photographed a ton of our events, so check his instagram out HERE.

Zarah Misdemeanor, America Jackson, Selene Arca, and Gila Moonstar as the Rainbow Cult Golden Girls.

The prizes and giveaways also went over really well, like a tall glass of prune juice at 6 pm, so we want to thank Le Bakery Sensual, Pie Queen, Hugh Scott Designs, and Henman's Sweet Treats, for the thoughtful donations.

Of course the real standouts of the evening were the audience members. So many people dressed up as fraidy ole ladies and fragile old gents I felt like I was in an AARP commercial. Or a South Florida nursing home minus the rampant syphilis.

I want to give a special shout-out to Connor Barret, the first place winner of our costume contest. His version of Sophia was alarmingly spot-on, and he managed to stay in character, even after his big reveal, pictured below as Slut Puppy Sophia.

I also want to give a special shout-out to the newest member of the Rainbow Cult family, Crafty Grant. They embodied Sophia's sassy senior demeanor perfectly, and this event couldn't have happened without them. They're also a full-on costuming guru, so check out their link above if looking fabulash is something you aspire to.

Crafty Grant as Tyrannosaurus-hands Sophia.

My own costume ended up looking more like a gay 80's hair band groupie than 'Workout Blanche', but my perky bosoms were fully on display. A win is a win.

Andy, Kylie, and Gary as Olivia Newton John's backup dancers in Xanadu.

The best part of the night was probably the end, when we had a sing-a-long to both the original, and gay versions of 'Thank you for being a Friend.'

But seriously. Thank all of you for being our friends. Rainbow Cult plans to throw more of these charity tribute parties in the future, but we couldn't do so without your continued attendance and support.

So if you missed this one, don't panic too much! Like Blanche's long list of conquests and suitors, there will be another. And another. And another. And another. And another.

In fact, there's one this month!

Join us at Meow Wolf for an interactive cinematic celebration of Everything, Everywhere, All at Once, on Monday, April 15th (Tax Day) to benefit PFLAG Denver. Expect themed interactive drag shows, fun giveaways, a short education in gay cinema by Professor Andy, and of course, a movie screening.

Tickets are limited, so grab your hotdog fingers and get yours soon!



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