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Sister Act Recap: A Sanctuary of Queer Joy and Celebration at Meow Wolf

Last Sunday, Rainbow Cult blew the holy doors off of Meow Wolf with A Tribute to Sister Act, and the clackophony of our joyful noise could be heard all the way up to the rafters of gay heaven.

The sold-out show of 200 attendees was held in the 'Perplexiplex' event venue at Meow Wolf, and featured a super inspiring sermon by Adams County Poet Laureate Kerrie Joy, drag performances by Denver drag legends Miss Zarah Misdemeanor and Porsha Demarco-Douglas, and appearances by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Denver Chapter, Denver Gay Men's Chorus, and Black Pride Colorado.

Even though I am fairly new to Rainbow Cult, I was at one of the original shows in Professor Andy's back yard. From the beginning, my takeaway was that Andy was creating something really special and much-needed in Denver, by bringing the queer community together in a space that doesn't revolve around drinking and/or partying.

As women of a certain age, many of us have been searching for new ways to connect with our queer family that doesn't involve a two-day hangover, and watching Sister Act together was an act of joyful defiance! I am honestly still smiling at the sense of safety and community that I felt last night.

Andy kicked things off masterfully, dressed as a gay pope in full papal regaylia. I created the costume myself out to coordinate with my fallen nun costume aptly named Sister Gary Magdalene, as well as our sexy Jesus, Shawn. It was a fun challenge to take on religious attire, since the only thing I've ever worshipped is Lana Del Rey.

Photo Credit: Tyi Reddick :

Costumes are highly encouraged at Rainbow Cult events. I worked on these three until 30 minutes before the show. My ring finger is glitterally still numb from hot-gluing so many rhinestones. But the effect was worth it, as Professor Andy truly sparkled in both his looks, and his words.

He made an intro video about gayness in movies. Growing up, I had no idea how gay Sister Act really was. Apparently it had a gay writer, gay designers, gay actors, gay undertones and gay themes. Mary Lazarus certainly wasn't fooling anyone. Andy has really opened my eyes to how queer culture is deeply ingrained in a lot of movies we grew up with. His informative intro gave the audience a great context and new lens through which to view the movie.

Our host, Zarah Misdemeanor riled the crowd up and got everyone into the spirit of giving (and tipping) like a gorgeous, besequined, glamzon preacher.

Adam's County poet laureate Kerrie Joy gave an incredible moving sermon about finding your queer family, coming together as a community, discovering your voice, and making some joyful noise. Many people came up to me and told me that the sermon was their favorite part of the evening.

Andy, Zarah, and Kerrie eased the crowd in the perfect jubilant mood for the movie. Their individual presentations were worth the price of admission alone, which I didn't pay, since I work here now!

The movie speaks for itself. It's a classic. But one of the things I love most about Rainbow Cult movie events is the interaction. The crowd was laughing, jeering, talking, rabble-rousing, interacting and celebrating throughout the entire show. We clapped along, sang, and at the end everyone stood up and joined together and sang "I will Follow Him!"

It felt like going to church. A very gay, gay church. A church that is truly about inclusivity, acceptance, and love.

Looking out at the crowd I saw such a beautiful diversity of genders, sexualities, ages, and races. The queer community is one that was created and founded on inclusion. In past decades we may have strayed away from that path, but it is Rainbow Cult's mission to course correct our community and truly create a joyful sanctuary of inclusivity and celebration.

This event both opened and uplifted my heart. I think everyone there also felt the same energy and left feeling optimistic and excited for the possibilities of the community that we are building.

That is what this show meant to me.

So thank you to everyone who came out to Sister Act and celebrated with us. And thank you to the sponsors, who made everything possible by giving us two coins to rub together. Together, we are creating something truly special and unique. The possibility of a long-lasting legacy of support and love for the queer community.

And a life of joyful noise and defiance.

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